What We Are

Our Mission

We are wholly and fully comitted to training youths with the skills to contribute to the transformation and re-designing of the education system in Cameroon. We are comitted to providing students with

  • Free learning resources and services
  • Counseling and orientation
  • Remote training on E-learning

to enrich their learning experience

KET Academy is a platform by students, for students for an inclusive, enriching and interesting educational experience.

Our Vision

We envision a sound educational system in Cameroon with students at the forefront of forging their learning paths (curricula) ,under the guidance of professional counseling and orientation, to fit their unique future endeavours.
KET academy envisages an educational system in which

  • Educational resources are free and accessible
  • The versatility of E-learning and technology is leveraged
  • Creativity and Innovative ability are priced above memory and mental retention.

We are commited to our vision and work enthusiastically and relentlessly to see it fullfilled.

Our Passion

We train students with the basic knowledge on distance learning to be able to cause change no matter their location. With our foresight on the huge impact and unparalleled advantages of instructional technology, we train students to quickly and effectively gain proficiency and experience with this versatile method of learning.

Meet our Leadership

Kinlo Ephraim Tangiri [KET] Founder and President of KET academy

After enduring several difficulties in accessing educational resources during my school years as well as lacking an alternate study platform when the Anglophone crisis struck, I realised the much work that had to be done about education in Cameroon. It is my passion to impart others with knowledge and fulfill this need that led me to start KET academy.

Niassan K. Anushka Vice President of KET academy

Being part of KET Academy has been an ideal opportunity for me to utilise my fascination with teaching to create positive impact. Making the perfect blend between inclusion and quality education remains my goal as I earnestly work towards the attainment of the grand vision of this institution.

Kumo Walters Nshom Human Resource Manager, KET academy

I am a determined youth, ready and dedicated to positive change. I see the world as a better place if everyone comes together to create positive impact. It's for this reason I selflessly collaborate with other youths for the betterment of the community. KET academy is and has been a profound platform for me to live out this passion.

Our History

  • KET Academy started in English High School (EHS) Yaounde with a study group of five students. We started off by providing educational resources to junior students and helping teach difficulty subjects to Internally Displaced Students who faced such difficulties on transitioning to Yaounde.

  • After a year of carrying out this exercise, we decided to extend the initiative by authoring a Mathematics textbook(Basic Mathematics Companion) and creating a Youtube Channel(KET Academy).

  • After graduating from high school the demand for the services of KET Academy increased leading us to implement an ambassadorial system. These included students who were passionate about creating an impact on their community especially in the educational sphere.

  • The implementation of this system saw to the expansion of KET academy and the range of services, educational resources she could render. More subjects were incoporated and the Academy was re-structured in to the full-bloom organistaion it is today.

Our Official Partners