Our EduServices


Considering the widespread problems(financial, academic, mental, physical, etc) that students face, KET academy's counselling department is there to look into these issues and offer solutions or remedies to students who need them.


To remedy the alarmingly wrong choices students make with respect to their academics , KET academy provides student orientation complete with tailored individual and general academic maps and paths that will enable students realise their desired professions and careers.

Online Lectures

Perhaps the best-known services we provide, these online lectures include summarised notes and YouTube videos with quizzes, games, practical examples and exercises to fully explain and engage students in their academic demands.

Exam Preps

KET academy is very committed and intent on helping students get to their dream schools. We provide general Prep classes to help students prepare for competitive entrance examinations to educational institutions across the entire national territory.

EduInfo Services

Our partnership and affiliations to reputable community-based organisations notably Open Dreams and Youth Inspiration puts us on an ideal pedestal for unrivaled access to information to opportunities for students.

Edu Training

Our scope of educational assistance also involves teachers. KET academy provides training to new ambassadors and even professional teachers on the use of instructional technology and platforms to facilitate teaching.

Subjects Categories We Teach

Computer Science

Perhaps the most required academic discipline of this age, Computer science is a fascinating subject. KET academy acknowledges and teaches CSC as one of its chief subjects.


The very language of the scientific world, loathed and loved by many. KET academy provides resources to learn Math on an indiviadually-paced process to ease understanding for the student and dispell unfounded fear of the subject.

Further Mathematics

Advanced Math and perhaps the toughest A-level subject, Fmath is an arduous challenge to many students. At KET academy we simplify and demystify the interesting subject in easy-to-understand videos and notes.


The backbone subject of science, Chemistry is a truly fascinating subject often dearly loved by many students. We share the same enthusiasm at KET academy's Chemistry department. Let's enjoy the learning process together.


Biology is a exhaustively broad and extensive subject, often easy to comprehend but hard to fully grasp.Biology enthusiasts and experts at KET Academy will provide you with tested methods to handle this friendly but enormous subject.


Geology is a truly handy subjects especially in its industrial application. At KET Academy's Geology department, we join you in dismantling this subject that plays a practical role in the upkeep of our country's energy resources and economy.


Seeking to master and understand the physical world, Physics is arguably the most practical subject at all levels. The nerds and science enthusiasts at KET academy will skillfully help you craft the mental manual and formula to effectively scale this often intimidating subject.


Climate, Forest, Oceans. Geography addresses our home planet including the elements that suffer from our human influence. KET academy's Geography wing is not only motivated to ensure your academic competence in the subject but also to solve the problems it uncovers.


Affecting all other domains of study in the real world oftentimes substantially, Economics is a very applicable subject. KET academy has a well-rounded team of expert economists to guide, mentor and assist you as needed to effectively handle the heavy academic demands of the subject.

Exams and Tests We Help With


KET academy provides learning materials for all major O-Level subjects.


A-level is the most priotised education level owing to the numerous hardships students face here.

TVEE | Technical GCE

Inclusion. KET academy forges ahead to offer its much-needed services to technical shool students.

Competitive Entrance Exams(Concours)

KET academy is commited to helping you choose and pass suitable concours to get to your dream school.


Students who wish to study abroad often need to write a standardized test. KET academy comes in handy.

Duolingo, IELTS & TOEFL

English proficiency test scores are used by various bodies to estimate grasp of English Language. KET academy supports in preparing for such.