What Students say about KET Academy.

Enangue N. Catherine
Univ. of Buea, FHS.

I want to thank KET academy for the excellent assistance offered last year in preparation for my GCE A/L especially during my practical session. The YouTube videos really made my last minute revision worth it. Above all KET academy doesn't ask for a dime for using time to help GCE candidates.

Ojong Thelma,
Univ. Student.

KET Academy helped me out during my preparation for the GCE. It helped me retain the necessities I needed for the examination. In subjects like F. Maths and Math mechanics. Bio, Chem and Phy practicals too. I thank KET Academy.For their own part they played during my preparation for the GCE

What KET Academy Ambassadors Say.

Kamaha Ronald Parfait
Univeristy Student

I applied as an ambassador to KET Academy to give back and help students facing the same challenges I faced, to be the hand as KET Academy granted me and to impact thousand of people which are academically hungry. From this, I can proudly say, Thanks to KET Academy and dedicate my academic success to you

Tonlie Alian
G.B.H.S Etoug-Egbe, USS.

KET academy teaches its teachers. My experience with KET academy as an ambassador and at the same time a student has been truly rich. KET academy shaped me and taught me how to organize my tasks as I created time to cooperate with other students as well as with other ambassadors

Berinyuy A. Vanessa
University Student

Being a KET Ambassador and a student has given me an overview of what living for others looks like, what giving back to society entails and an additional feeling of selflessness.

Tasang Lesly
University Student.

Being a KET ambassador has helped me work as a team with other youth sharing the same passion and desire to help students. In so doing I have had the opportunity to be a leader, and learn how to manage people who have different views to work as one with a higher efficiency

Nkengbeza Derick
Prospective Univ. Student.

I learned alot from KET academy while preparing to write the GCE. I received much needed assistance and resources: past questions, solution and information.I became an ambassador so i can impact other students in the same way.

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