Welcome to KET Academy.

📚Providing free educational resources and assistance for amelioration to all students.📝

Welcome to KET Academy.

📚We are A3. Free ACCESS to academic resources for AMELIORATION to ALL.📝

Welcome to KET Academy.

📚Providing educational access and assistance for amelioration to all.📝

Welcome to KET Academy.

📚We are A3. Free ACCESS to academic resources for AMELIORATION to ALL.📝

Welcome to KET Academy.

📚Providing educational access and assistance for amelioration to all.📝

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Are you a highly motivated person who deeply cares about the development of our community especially in the educational sphere? Do you have some skills and knowledge you wish to pass on to others? Do you want to join a community of purpose minded people aiming at making our society a better place? Consider becoming an ambassador of KET academy.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

These are questions other people have asked about us. In case you don't get an answer to your question, send us a message

  • KET academy is a non-profit organisation that seeks to reform education in Cameroon. KET academy orientates, assists, mentors and support student in any area of academic purpose pursuit that is of benefit to the community.

  • KET academy is maintained by a community of young visionary Cameroonians. These include students from acclaimed universities, schools, and institutions across the national territory. These ambassadors produce the academic resources and provide the services rendered by KET academy.

  • KET academy is quite strict on the category of people she incorporates. We encourage only people who are motivated to join us. You don't need to have any experience whatsoever because we train our ambassadors in teamwork and service before incorporating them. To join KET academy you may answer our call to action. We will carefully evaluate your responses and if it aligns with KET academy's values, you are sure to be recruited.

  • KET academy is a strict non-profit organisation and therefore collects no payments whatsoever for the academic services and resources she provides. To maintain the organisation and acquire useful material, KET academy relies on the generous donations of her leadership, ambassadors, other like-minded organisations and individuals of good will.

  • KET academy encourages users of her services as well as those seeking information to contact the organisation via her email or website. However as if critically required, ambassadors' contact profile are available on the website.

  • KET academy is a one-of-a-kind organisation. Providing vital services in the most important sphere of development she is a critical contributor to the development of the nations. Her free services targets universal benefit and she is also tranformational to the people that work there. Under the guidance of her mentor organisation Open Dreams, she envisions and is actively and steadfastly working towards securing the best education experience to students on a national scale. This is her unique way of contributing to the much-needed revolution of the educational system in Cameroon as well as development.

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KET academy is dedicated to helping students in all aspects of their education. If you have any difficulty or challenge of any sort with your studies or know someone who does, kindly send us a message to look into it.
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We at KET academy try our best to provide the best and most optimal academic resources and services. If you are also passionate about promoting and improving education in Cameroon, you might have some cool and unique ideas that will enable us render better educational services to students.
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The testimonies and reviews of students give us hope to continue and intensify what we do and make us shine brighter in our domain to attract people, resources and opportunities that will enable us serve the educational commmunity greater and better. Have you benefitted from the resources and/or services provided by KET acdemy and her ambassadors?
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